Certificate Programme


  • Certificate Programme in Project Planning (CPPP)
  • Certificate Programme in Plant Maintenance Planning (CPPM)

Maximum Duration: 7 days

Course Fee: on request

Eligibility: Pass in Degree/Diploma in any Engineering or equivalent

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This programme is intended for persons aspiring for employment as planning Engineer or maintenance planner in EPC,petroleum and oil& Gas companies in India and Middle east

At present, no academic programme is available in our country to train such people through real time training mode.

The curriculum for the programme was developed  by the School of Project management, softprojects in collaboration with International repute project management training institute

A-1 Programme Objectives

The broad objectives of this programme are to:

  • Familiarize the learners with the greater knowledge of planning in projects.
  • Impart knowledge of the basics of planning and implementation management in projects.
  • Train the learners in the core areas which requires planning and successful completion.
  • Enable them to develop own skills in project management techniques.
  • Train them in depth procedural step to organize the projects.
  • Make them complete understanding of planning fundamentals and successful implementation.
  • Explore their skill and Drive them to optimize their power of planning language.

A-2 Course Contents

Followings Subjects are common for CPPP &CPPM

  • Understand network diagram(CPM) and calculation of ES/EF LS/LF float and Critical Path manually.
  • Introduction to Value Engineering concept to Planning.
  • How to face the Approval process of schedule with client.
  • Understanding client requirement to create schedule and presentation.
  • How to collect Detail/Data and document requirement and understand the project.
  • How to make team buildup to create schedule.
  • Complete operational training shall be provided in primavera and Ms project software in advance level.
  • Invoice raise by update schedule.
  • Application of using weighted average to make project payment.
  • Graphical way of of Submittal of extension date of project.
  • Introduction and work shop on making Daily Progress report,Weekly Progress report,Bi monthly progress report and Monthly progress report.
  • Applying Six sigma Techniques in project to optimize the schedule.
  • Logic behind S curve in Planning and tracking of project.
  • Schedule performance Analysis Techniques.
  • Introduction and explained one Real live project.
  • How to prompt project documentation and closeout.
  • Interview questions to crack job interview.
  • latest develop in Project planning in the globe.
  • Earned Value Management Principles ( EVM).

A-3 Certificate programme in Project planning (CPPP)

Following project in respect to student requirement  shall be explained and schedule prepared

  • Long distance Pipe line Project explained.
  • Part of Refinery Construction work.
  • Road construction work.
  • Plant construction work.
  • Ship construction work.
  • Multistory Building civil and MEP planning.
  • IT Project and Project management.
  • Sub station construction work.
  • HV Transmission line planning.
  • Power plant installation work planning.
  • Airport/Rail ways construction Planning.

A-4 Project for Certificate Programme in Plant Maintenance Planning

Following project in respect to student requirement  shall be explained and schedule prepared

  • Critical Activities Identification and scheduling in plant maintenance.
  • Part of Refinery Construction work.
  • Complete Booster station shutdown planning project explained.
  • Fertilizer plant shutdown planning project explained.
  • Thermal Power plant maintenance planning explained.
  • Airport/Rail ways construction Planning.

Aspirants requested to contact us to register for the course and enhance their skill.

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